We make managing
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A technology platform designed by and for banking & finance professionals to see, search and share loan agreements

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The gift of time

It’s time to tackle operational inefficiencies
in debt capital markets.

With Simyra’s AI-assisted technology, loan agreement summaries are simple to generate in seconds. Simyra saves up to 10 hours per loan agreement by automatically unearthing huge volumes of data buried deep within complex loan agreements.

Simyra creates a central data repository for all your loan agreements. Simply drag and drop your loan agreements to see, search and share their key terms.

Work smarter, not harder

Boost your operational efficiency

  • One central data repository for quick and easy access to all your key terms
  • Clause-finder to rapidly locate specific clauses within your precedents
  • Compare/contrast commercial and legal terms between loan agreements

An exceptional user experience

  • Simply drag and drop your loan agreement to create summaries in seconds
  • One-touch share to all loan parties
  • One bulk upload of your past and present loan agreements

Reduce risks of traditional processes

  • Execution versions of loan agreements stored in one central repository
  • Manual oversight risks mitigated by automation, supported by human QA checks
  • Upload amendment agreements to auto-update your loan summaries


Simyra Founder, Nihaal Khanna

Nihaal Khanna

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Founded by magic circle finance lawyer, Nihaal Khanna, Simyra addresses the problem of operational inefficiencies surrounding loan agreements.

Nihaal has spent over ten years in banking and finance, experiencing these inefficiencies across the industry. A simple automated solution was required, and Simyra was born.


Director of Product


Lead Engineer


Lead Designer


Simyra Founder, Nihaal Khanna

Susanne Chishti

Investor and Advisory Board member


  • 15+ years’ in Deutsche Bank, Lloyds Banking Group, Morgan Stanley and Accenture in London and Hong Kong
  • Founder and CEO of FINTECH Circle, a global platform of 130,000+ FinTech investors and finance professionals
  • Co-editor of bestseller The FINTECH Book (translated in 10 languages and sold in 107 countries), The AI Book and The LEGALTECH Book (Wiley, 2020)
  • Ranked top 100 FinTech influencer globally (Refinitiv, 2020) and guest FinTech lecturer at Cambridge and Warwick universities  
“Having seen, tried and tested hundreds of technology automation solutions for global corporations throughout my career (including during my early beginnings in Silicon Valley), Simyra’s platform stood out for two reasons: (1) its ease and simplicity of use; and (2) its pure dedication to and specialism in loan agreements. With a 10x time-saving for (time-poor) banking & financial professionals, Simyra’s AI-assisted solution is a must have in today’s financial world.”  
Simyra Founder, Nihaal Khanna

Peter Schmid

Investor and Advisory Board member


  • Chairman of private equity investment committee at Ninety One plc (formerly, Investec Asset Management), a global investment manager (AUM US$190bn)
  • Head of private equity at Actis, a global investment firm (AUM US$15bn)
  • Lead investor in payments platform, Emerging Markets Payments (successful exit to Network International, 2016)
  • Advisory board member of Augentic, an identity and digital currency solutions business
In today’s fast-paced and increasingly competitive private equity and private debt industry, the need to have instant and easy access to data to validate investment decisions cannot be understated. Simyra’s AI-assisted platform brings a much-needed specialist solution to our industry; in automating the extraction of key terms in loan agreements, it saves banking & finance professionals an enormous of amount time in often time-pressured situations, and gives ready access to the best-in-class terms of loan agreements for the purpose of making efficient and data-driven investment decisions.

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