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Simple yet extraordinary

Repetitive and time consuming circular process.

Sim embodies the simplicity of our platform for complex finance agreements. Myra is derived from the Sanskrit meaning of extraordinary.

Simyra is designed by finance professionals for finance professionals.

Focus on what matters

We automate the admin. You analyse and advise. Focus on the true value-adds for you and your clients.

Simyra is used by law firms, banks, private equity & debt funds and more.

Simyra was born to smash the circle

Untrap yourself from the vicious circle of repetitive tasks.

Our specialist banking & finance platform reduces time wasted on admin by up to 99.9%. We give you the gift of (billable) time.

Everyone & everything in one place

Everyone | Simyra is a magnet. From lawyers, lenders and borrowers to agents and debt & tax advisers, all parties are pulled onto our platform.

Everything | Our unique App Store brings everything into one place. From checking key terms to reviewing term sheets, you can manage all your finance agreements and finance processes on our platform.

See, Search & Share

See | ‘Upload and go’ to see all key terms of your finance agreements in one place. Deduce market trends, industry insights and more.

Search | Find any key term in any agreement using our intelligent Simyra Search bar. Keep your finance data on your fingertips.

Share | One-click sharing to any or all parties in a transaction brings you one Simyra Step closer to inbox-zero.